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Initial view of Ankor Wat

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The main temple building in the background

Preah Pithu 16

Side view of main temple

Wall Carvings

And I thought baseball originated in the USA !?

Interior Courtyard

Photo Op w/ traditional clothing

Lili & Ken in the 'Churning of the Ocean of Milk' Gallery

Gallery Wall Detail

Battle Elephant w/ Fancy Hat ?

Column Detail

Banyon Temple Buddha Carvings

The original paint job in this place must have been magnificent

Long Tailed Macaque

A quick 2 hour flight takes us from Singapore to Siem Reap in the central north-west of Cambodia. Join the queques for Immigration, complete your paperwork, hand over passport & said paperwork plus $25 U.S. cash (no soiled, torn or old bills accepted), and then join the crowd awaiting the return of passports. Total process took about 40 minutes, and there was no logic as to time sequencing; some processed quickly, others slowly, and it all takes place behind a counter with a row of workers processing the papaerwork and applying the visas & stamping them.

Visited Ankor Wat and spent almost 10 hours visiting the large 400 acre site. The intricate carvings were done in sandstone (soft), and unfortunately the 12th century carvings have eroded in most places. Nonetheless it is an impressive Buddhist/Hindu Temple(s).

I'm glad we started the site tour early in the day as the crowds increased exponentially as the morning progressed. As the crowds increased so did the temperature of the day, and so shaded locations became our goal.

Tomorrow is birding and then a Cambodian 'Circus' performance at night.

Note - Due to no time and/or internet access to make journal entries I have not made any in about one month. So, the dates of the forthcoming journal entries will be the actual dates (back-dated) of the trip activities. Hopefully memories have not eroded (like sandstone) too much since the actual days' experiences - photos are actually great for rekindling said activities & experiences.

I will also change the journal map to provide more detail of the journey thru Cambodia.

Ciao for now

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