Keli and Jen take Cali...with the boys :) travel blog

Can’t believe I didn’t take more pictures but this was damn good!

Well we had a good day travelling along the 101, stopped to check out the Sasquatch gift shop and learned what a big deal he is in these parts. The beautiful drive through the trees reminds me so much of home (Vancouver Island/Interior BC) but it's so cool to also be able to see so much of the stunning coastline!!

We did plan for a longer drive today, but with about an hour to go, Jen was getting sleepy so we pulled off the highway to a little town called Ukiah in search of a good cup of joe...and instead found a sweet little brewery and stayed for dinner. The food was delicious and the service was great! It nearly made up for the room we would land in later...

So Jen and I have been know to get a little excited about things before we have all the information...the little farm studio in Santa Rosa was one of these times. While searching for AirBnB options along our route, we were thrilled to find a place on a little farm, with animals and everything...but turns out that "Studio" in California, means the same thing in room for everything...

While we found the armoire turned kitchenette both cute and clever, the fridge in the bathroom, directly across from the toilet, was not something any of us every needed to experience. We were grateful for the roof over our heads, and that it was only for one night. We have higher hopes for our stay in Berkeley and look forward to meeting up with Jay tomorrow :)

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