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Peg in the Garden

Full Moon Celebration and Spring Equinox

Larc, Nancy and Gals Arrive

Amigas on Roof Top Terrace

Glass Bottom Boat

Fish Skeleton

So Many Shells

Shrimp Cocktail Mexican Style

Contemplation at Sunrise

Wet Suit Fitting Was a Blast

Amigas Playing Nickels

Beautiful Ensabada Blanca

Brenda and I Tried Full Face Masks

Snorkeling Off The Aguacuate

Walking to Orlando’s Restaurant

Yago. Words are Inadequate

Diane Aboard the Aguacuate to Coronado Island

Runway Model Nancy

Sculpture at Loreto Mision

On March 17 I flew from DIA to warm, sunny Loreto in Baja California Sur. Both my flights were smooth and on time since my plane was not a 737 Max 8 and the bombcyclone storm had moved on. Mi cara amiga Peg met me at the airport and for the next three days we shopped and cooked in anticipation of March 21. That is the day six of our amigas arrived. Can you say fiesta?

Our Loreto Bay villa is a huge 4-BR, 3 bath with a lovely courtyard and a third-story tower with a lovely view of the Sea of Cortez to the east and the Sierra Gigante mountains to the west. We are one block from the beach where we can people watch from a palapa, launch our kayaks or take a short stroll to the labyrinth.

We have taken two amazing boat trips. The first was to Danzante Island with Mike and Viktor on a glass bottom boat last Friday and the second was a snorkeling excursion yesterday to Coronado Island with Kiki and Yago. Yago was OMG hot, not to mention charming with his “I am from northern Spain” blue eyes and drop dead sexy accent. I am getting distracted......again........

Okay, deep breath. Let’s talk about some of the other wonders of nature here. Yago told us we were looking at blue-footed boobies, but they refused to show us their feet. Didn’t matter because we would believe anything he said. We saw osprey, frigate birds, vultures, cormorants, and a ton of pelicans. We visited a sea lion colony and frolicked with dolphins. Those of us who snorkeled saw angel fish, sargeant majors, parrot fish, eels and who knows what else. We felt like we had time traveled to the Caribbean when we landed on the white sand beach on the back side of Coronado.

And the food! We have not had a bad meal here. The local seafood is incredible and it is nearly impossible to resist the just caught shrimp, scallops and fish. I have been guiltily enjoying not being a vegetarian here. But the vegan lasagna was excellent at both Mezzaluna and the Wine Cellar.

Today we will enjoy relaxing at the villa and the beach and a short trip to San Javier Mission. Then we have reservations tonight for dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Sabor. Tomorrow Nancy is flying home, then five of us leave for LAX on Friday afternoon and will continue on to Colorado on Saturday . Diane is staying for several more days before heading home to New York. It has been an amazing adventure!

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