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Wild cattle

Big Buddha

Guardian statues of Big Buddha

Big Buddha up close

View of "ancient" village from Big Buddha

Worlds biggest incense burners

Hidden koi pond

Reconstructed Tea House detail

Guide to Village

Shopping Village

Our first day of rain

Feral dogs in the Village

Dining on Japanese food for a change

Another early morning, where we are once again greeted with an international breakfast buffet. This one is even bigger than the one I described in Bangkok. Different asian breakfast specialties including, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Western style foods. I once again got to enjoy my noodle bowls. Today, we meet the tour group one last time for a day trip to Lantau Island. Passing through busy Hong Kong, we encounter a place that is green, mountainous and lush on our way to Ngong Ping Village. Once a remote monastery, has been completely rebuilt into a sort of "Disney Buddha Temple theme park" with giant 100 foot Buddha that you can visit inside, Hollywood style temples, tea houses and pagodas. As well, as a shopping village and food court. This turned out to be our first day of rain as well.

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