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Jockey Club

Cemetery - lower rent district due to the location being bad luck

"Hidden"tennis courts

View from Victoria Peak

Map of Victoria Peak Park - unfortunately not enough time to explore

The 1888 tram

View of the buildings from the tram

Our German restaurant

Real Estate office in Stanley Market...$33M (HKD) = $5.6M CND for 966...

Sampan ride in Aberdeen village overlooking the floating restaurant

Yachts in Aberdeen village

These fishing boats are next to the yeachts

There are 100s of thousands of subsidized housing units. Average rent $500...

We have Hop-on hop-off buses. Hong Kong has hop-on hop-off boats

Seaside resort? Kindda...the local prison!

Our suite a the Shangri-la

Thankfully, the hotel provided this memory aid...after 26 days away we are...

Finally a decent size bathroom, after 2 weeks aboard.

Hallway artwork & panel beside door is combo bell, service call &...

Bamboo scaffolding (instead of steel) is far more aesthetically pleasing

Following disembarkation from the ship, we drove to Hong Kong Island. Along the way we passed the Jockey Club, a cemetery, a mosque, a prison and a golf course! Our first stop at Victoria Peak, site of the oldest funicular (built 1888) and awesome views of the city. We then rode down on the funicular backwards (steepest angle is 27 degrees). If you weren't seated backwards you'd fall forward. Afterwards we drove to Aberdeen, to board a sampan to view the last working fishing village in Hong Kong. Also, the location of the largest floating restaurant. We were then taken to Stanley Market, a popular shopping area. Here we stopped for lunch at a German restaurant. Yup, our first meal in Hong Kong was bratwurst and sauerkraut. An obligatory stop at the Tin Hau Temple, which marks the original shoreline of Hong Kong, before the many land reclamation projects. Our last stop was the eldest Chinese district in the city, which resembles Main street in Vancouver, with its many herbal, and dried food stores.

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