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Water Village as seen from port

Reception upon disembarkation

Another bus tour

Government building

City mosque

Traditional housing at local museum

Skull hut for good luck

Local market

Our favourite lounge for pre-dinner cocktails

Another beautiful sunset

We are starting to feel a little more independent, but only after another bus trip through the main city. Our guides have been wonderful but shy on talking about some of the history and politics of the region. Kota Kinabalu or KK as the local call it is another mostly Muslim community, with only about 20% Christians and a small number of buddists. The main attractions again included massive modern government buildings that are barely used and house mostly administrative clerks, (since the ruling hierarchy to hold all the high government offices). The most interesting part was a stop at the local museum, where we experienced life in the jungle alongside headhunters and fighting tribes. The museum was small but well done covering pre-historic times to modern day pop culture. Again a massive contrast of wealth with decaying crumbling houses, and extremely poor population as seen at the local market, which was mostly packaged foods and a few knockoff leather goods. the clothing looked like it was all donations Goodwill from a western country, which are then cut and resewn to smaller sizes.

Stay tuned for our next leg which is Vietnam. Our first stop being Hi Chi Minh City.

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