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Meandering Serrano River


A walk in the park

There is a lot of snow and ice up there

An Andean Condor

A Darwin Rhea

A southern crested caracara

A flock of flamingos with heads down

Woke up this morning and looked out the cabin window to see that the peaks were shrouded in mist and the sky was grey. It was a chilly morning made even more so by the lukewarm shower. Driving through the park we picked up some hitchhikers, a young couple from Germany. It was drizzling and we felt sorry for them with their huge backpacks and raingear.

After dropping them off we headed for the main road out of the park but stopped at a shallow lake as we had spotted pink flamingos feeding. We continued on our way back to Puerto Natales to try and get our flat tyre repaired. We stopped at Cerro Castillo but had no luck. It was very busy but only because it is a border crossing with Argentina. We did have empanadas (similar to a cornish pastie but with basic fillings) for lunch here. We stopped at Puerto Natales and the very helpful girl at the Tourist Information called a roadside tyre repair for us. He was there before we knew it and it only cost $5000CLD. We continued on our way to Punta Arenas (another 275kms down the road).

As we drove along Ruta 9 we saw lots of rhea and guanacos, we also looked up to see a condor soaring high above and there were more flamingos in a lake by the road. About 75 kms from Punta Arena our fuel light came on and it was touch and go. Grae drove as economically as he could and we think we made it to the service station on fumes. What a relief!

We had a difficult time finding our night's accommodation with our Sat Nav so we ended up driving into the centre of Punta Arenas and asking the concierge at a fancy hotel for assistance. With his help we finally made it to our cabin on the outskirts of town. It belongs to a family who built two rustic cabins on their property. We met the whole family and they shook our hands and showed us around the cabin. I commented the father looked like Che Guevara as he had similar hair, beret and leather jacket they all thought that was hysterical - mind you they spoke very little english.

Even though we had an early flight the next morning we still managed to light a lovely fire before we went to bed.

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