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Local health care clinic

Local airport

embarking on the boat tour...safety first with life vests for everyone

Prek Toeuk Sap river within the Ream National Park

Local fisher on the river

Visit to local village

The local village market

Another beautiful buddha at meditation pagoda

Open air restaurant in Cambodian village

Scenes of construction everywhere

Monkeys running along the fence...there were dozens

A bit of beach time in southern Cambodia

Swimming in the gulf of Tailand. Water was 26C

Today Brian and I took separate shore excursions.

Brian visited the Ream National Park via boat ride on the Prek Toeuk Sap River. This was followed by a trek through the remote village of Prek Trabek.

Camille participated in a similar tour except the Ream National Park visit included a kayak trip along Prey Chak Mangrove river.

the brochure descriptions specifically state that the these tow tours are at high level of difficulty and are not recommended for folks with any kind of mobility issues. However, the self assessment filter was woefully inadequate as both Brian and I experienced tour mates that were definitely not suited to the tasks, especially in the 37C heat and 90+% humidity.

Cambodia is an interesting place with 40% of the population living in poverty, 40% rising to a middle class status and 20% in the elite class. Cambodia is involved in a massive building boom with over 40 constructions cranes visible in the skyline. At first Russian investors descended but quickly left when international markets collapsed. Now the majority of investment is coming from mainland China.

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