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Chileans must not be keen milk drinkers as the supermarket only stocked UHT milk and lots of it. When we asked for coffee at the restaurants we received a cup of hot water and a container of instant coffee so we could add our own amount of coffee but no milk. When I did ask for coffee with milk they brought a cup of hot UHT milk and the container of instant coffee. At the OXXO, which is like a 7/11 I selected cappuccino from the coffee vending machine and it came with cinnamon on top!

Food-wise Chileans are very keen on hot dogs served with lettuce, tomato, avocado and mayonnaise. They also love mince meat or pork hamburgers. Soups are good value and Grae had a Sopa Creole which had a spicy base and lots of vermicelli noodles, potatoes and shredded beef.

Our flight to Punta Arenas was at 1:53pm and we booked a fixed price taxi. Oddly the driver had the meter on and that was showing more than the $18000 pesos. As we'd already checked-in (funny how check-in opened three days before the actual flight) we only had to bag-drop our luggage. Mind you this didn't save us any time as the check-in queues were shorter than the bag-drop! Our Latam flight was 3 hours 21 minutes and while the flight was uneventful the scenery out the window was AMAZING. It was an alien landscape of foothills and soaring peaks of snow capped mountains followed by deep flooded valleys and perfectly conical dormant and erupting volcanoes (yes one was spewing ash as we flew past). Next came more snow capped mountains and glaciers and finally the increasing cloud cover. It had rained earlier in the day and once we got outside I could definitely feel the antarctic chill - Grae's the only one wearing shorts (we are only 135 km or 83 miles from Antarctica!).

We had prearranged for car hire with a local company and were very relieved to see a representative standing there with Grae's name on a sign. We hired a manual Renault Duster for $228000 pesos for a week. After the formalities we drove the 21 kms to our Airbnb for the night. There are lots of stray dogs on the road and Punta Arenas feels very much like a frontier town with high grey clouds and patches of blue sky.

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