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Boy on a reed fishing canoe

Pier at sunset

Barbara on the pier



We are coming to the end of our Peru odyssey. Today we pack for the trip to Lima, which will be a quick overnight and then the longer flights to get home to Seattle (which will undoubtedly required more repacking). It has been a trip filled with explorations of the mountains, of the past, of new and different flavors and inspirations. I am still mulling over a few things; such as why purveyors of clothing throughout the Andes all want me to buy an alpaca sweater with alpacas conga dancing across my chest. (Like that is a good look for anyone: I envision them doing the Can-Can like the Rockettes as I walk along...) And why those same vendors truly believe that one size fits all in knit wear... Why every time we introduce ourselves as Barbara and Barbara, the next question we are asked is "are you sisters, then?" Wouldn't that be in fact the LEAST likely consideration? Why my Spanish seems to get worse rather than better as the trip progresses...I guess some travel mysteries will never be unraveled.


It is always bittersweet to head home. I look forward to my house and fixing my own food. Eating in restaurants is fun but gets old. And, it's a crapshoot whether someone's recommendation will pan out. These last days in Pimentel we have sheltered during the heat of the day and explored the beach and town in the cool of the morning and evening. Last night we walked the pier at sunset. There was a nice breeze and fishing boats on the horizon.


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