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Our first tour in Bangkok was to the Grand Palace were royalty sat until the early 1800s. Apparently there is no good time to go, as the site receives over 100,000 visitors a day and closes at 1530h. The architecture is truly stunning as well as the craftsmanship once you realize that everything was done by hand including all the gold leaf. This remains true today for the on-going restoration work in this vast site with its thee massive temples and many halls. There remains only one building where visitors are actually admitted, the Hall of the Jade Buddha. Since it is a holy site, no photography is permitted. There are several guards that attempt to enforce the rule, with a disappointing greater number of visitors that attempt to violate. We actually saw one women caught and was forced to delete all the photos she took inside. Our tour guide mentioned that there were many more buildings that could be visited in the past, and due to visitors not respecting the sanctity of the site, more and more buildings have become off limits, with the Jade Buddha temple suspected of nearing a similar fate.

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