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Saying goodbye

Sept 28:

Well, unfortunately not a lot to report today...spent last night in Puno sick as a dog- found out Ingrid was the same way, so we suspect that although Juana's food tasted great, it probably wasn't the best for us!

As luck would have it, today is our travel day to La Paz, Bolivia; on the bus all day. So I loaded up with Immodium, Gravol and Cipro, and settled in for the trip.

We had a short but interesting ferry trip across the lower part of Lake Titicaca- we took one boat, and our bus took another! (pic)

Crossed the border into Bolivia with minimal hassle, then a lunch stop in Copacabana before resuming our bus ride another few hours into La Paz itself.

Had a nice hotel here- checked in and cleaned up for dinner, our last as our original group, for tomorrow we would lose Walter, Ingrid, Dave and Helen. Tomorrow is Helen's birthday, so we are going to celebrate that tonight also. I had started feeling better by dinner but didn't eat too much just in case!

We also said goodbye to our GAP leader Johana, as tomorrow the remaining group members would meet our new leader and a few new people to continue the trip to Rio.

Sept 29:

Today we have a free day in La Paz, so since I was feeling much better I decided to walk around a bit.

La Paz is a city of several million people, sprawling across a valley at around 3700m ASL. It is very loud, bustling, lots of traffic with no seeming controls of same! Our hotel was near the market area- stalls with locals selling pretty much anything you could imagine. There is also the 'witches market', where you can buy dried llama fetuses for whatever ails you!

In the afternoon, everyone seemed to just want to take it easy; we all ended up congregating on a patio at the hotel and relaxed with a few drinks. Then at 1900 we met our new GAP leader, Carlos, and our four new members: Carly (UK), Phil (UK/Australia), Graham (UK), and Shari (USA). Shari and I will be roomies tonight- turns out she is from Seattle so we're practically neighbours already! We stayed up chatting for a bit, then tried to get some sleep- tomorrow we have another long travel day by bus and train to Uyuni.

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