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Bangkok airport

Last sunset in Bangkok

Pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

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Omani Sultans

Unusual pet iguana in neighbourhood hovel

Thai beauties in the making

Free roadside charging

.....Our last day started like every other on this trip... with a visit to the breakfast buffet, although we were no longer opening up the buffet at 6am! We were now getting together with the rest of our group around 8am and being the last day, we decided to keep it light.

As we had previously walked through a small community nearby on our way back from the medical college and water park, we decided to share the experience with the rest of the group and so made arrangements to meet downstairs to take a walk in the neighbourhood that morning. We made our way down the steet housing several foreign embassies including that of Denmark and Oman.

Walking through the community, we realized that it was an urban community created and sponsored by the City of Osaka for construction workers. We met a Thai woman who spoke some English who asked us where we were from and how we had decided to visit her community. After exchanging some pleasantries, wended our way through the narrow alleys of the community, finding our way back to the health college which was being used for different levels of martial arts training. After watching the different classes being coached by older experts, we made our way to the park with the water features where the kids enjoyed playing on the seesaw and swings. After spending some time looking out for turtles, fish and a monitor lizard, we made our way out of the gates into another small community off a small street.

I was impressed by the number of pets kept by the residents, from the ubituqous dogs and cats to roosters probably for fighting) to an iguana in a cage.

We bought some corn before making our way back to the hotel, but not before a pit stop as another 7-11 in the neighbourhood, loading up on Chang beers and snacks for the trip home.

We got home hot and tired and so decided to rest before going out for our last supper. But those plans were changed before they were even made to accommodate a Thai massage that we had promised ourselves to experience but somehow never got around to doing. There were several massage parlours in the neighbourhood so we went investigating and since none could take all 5 of us together (Trev was under the weather) we split into 3 gals and 2 guys at two adjacent facilities.

Archel & I were each given a pair of indoor sandals and asked to leave our street shoes outside. We were taken in and in enclosed booths, asked to change into a pair of pyjamas for our massage. Once changed, I was invited to lie down on my stomach and my masseuse wipe off my feet with a warm towel before starting the massage on the soles of my feet and slowly working her way up the back of each leg, spending time on the calf muscles and the triceps before proceeding to do each side of the back and then up to the shoulders, neck and back of each arm. I was then instructed to turn over on my back and the process repeated from my feet up each leg, this time with some stretching of joints in unusual directions ending up with each arm. The last part of the massage was sitting crosslegged and getting the knots worked out of my shoulders, neck and head. The hour long massage flew by but at the end of it I felt like a new person. Just the note to end an exciting holiday.

We returned to the hotel to freshen up and headed out for dinner, choosing a Thai-seafood restaurant nearby over my choice of Indian for our last supper. We originally decided to sit in their treed courtyard for the ambience even though it was still quite hot and humid but in a few minutes mosquitos drove us into the airconditioned comfort of the main restaurant. We spent our time going over their extensive menu and got our food soon after a couuple of jugs of Chang were divided. The food was tasty and reasonably priced. We got back to the hotel to finish up packing and catch an early night for an early trip to the airport, expected to take an hour but ended up being 30min owing to the light traffic at 5:30am.

We checked our bags and went through security without a hitch reaching the gate with plenty of time to spare, only to find out that the flight had been delayed due to a computer glitch. Once that was rectified, we spent a few more minutes on the ground as recent heavy rains had pushed back the departures of several flights prior to ours. We took off from Bangkok in a downpour but after a few minutes of turbulence as we climbed through the cloud cover, we were clear until arriving to a wet reception in Hongkong.

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