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Near hurricane (60mph) winds

Tied with every line available

Spray blowing off the whitecaps

At the dock


Very choppy

Another ship docked across from us and buffeted the wind

The street where we had stayed before in 2011 for our Antarctic...





Back in the harbor


The end of a long day


04 07 Feb. 16, 2019 Docked in Ushuaia Harbor

Nearly hurricane winds of a constant 60 mph crossed the harbor as we arose early. The harbormaster closed access and the ship was securely tied with every line. All passengers were kept aboard but the three Chilean Ship Pilots who had accompanied us to Ushuaia were able to disembark and get their flights back to home base. Two entertainers were able to join the roster while the gangplank was lowered only once before being withdrawn. All shore excursions were cancelled. Tom was very disappointed since we had been booked on an antique train ride to the National Park. The lounges and public areas were jam packed and would probably remain so since we could not even leave the dock until the harbor was opened and a pilot came aboard.

With over 24 foot waves reported in the seas off Port Stanley, the Captain rerouted us to Puerto Madryn in Argentina for our next stop - if we can ever leave here!

Around noon another cruise ship docked on the other side of our dock and became a windbreaker for us. The captain could then shut the engines down which had been in constant full power for 7 hours to keep the dock lines from breaking from the winds that were pushing us away from the dock.

Tom went into town and remembered some of the sights we had experienced on our Antarctic Expedition in November of 2011. The ship left port at 6PM back to the Beagle Channel.

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