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Glacier and stream of melt water



Moon rise

04 06 Feb 15, 2019 Beagle Channel

The extreme southern tip of South America is an archipelago made up of many large and smaller islands. There are two main channels for crossing from the Pacific to the Atlantic and one open ocean passage. The Magellan Strait is the northernmost and the Drake Passage is the most southern. Drake is used for commercial shipping. We took the mid lane, The Beagle Channel which has glaciers and waterfalls, making it more scenic. The channel was named after the ship HMS Beagle which made its first hydrographic survey of the coasts of the southern part of South America from 1826 to 1830. The ship continued the survey in the second voyage of the Beagle under the command of captain FitzRoy, who took Charles Darwin along as a companion and scientific investigator.

The weather was cloudy as we wound through the islands and passed glaciers and water falls. The officers’ BAR-B-Q was served at noon. We were ahead of schedule for our arrival at Ushuaia which was good, since high winds were anticipated to follow us into this most southern tip port in South America.

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