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Orchids throughout the ship

The beach at Huatulco

The town sign

Tropical flowers

View from the beach

At the marina in Huatulco

Monday, January 28

This morning we were at sea, plowing through the waves to Huatulco. The winds were pretty high and the sea had more movement than we usually see. The wind was blowing spray off the top of the waves and little rainbows would flash for a second before the spray dispersed. Someone said that the promenade was closed because the wind was too strong.

The morning was lazy with reading, the cooking demo and relaxing in the library. Then it was lunch before we docked at 1:00. Huatulco is one of a series of little bays/beaches on the southern coast of Mexico. The hills come right down to the sea so there are rugged cliffs between the inlets. We docked at the small town of Huatulco. There was shopping (of course), a beach, and a marina. We didn’t have an excursion today, and just did a relaxed exploration. There were plenty of jewelry and typical tourist wares. Janet got a ring and I got some earrings before finding a little cafe with free Internet to finally check email. I had 434 that will mostly be deleted when I get to San Diego. I later spent some time just sitting by the beach, people watching before heading back to the ship.

Tomorrow is a sea day. It will be relaxing to have a day of leisure after four days in ports.

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