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Monastery San Fransico

PreColumbian Cat

Orca?? What are they doing down here?

Hopefully not Barbara falling off mountain

Lovely outdoor garden for lunch

lovely garden Luncheon

We had a wonderful, if steamy day here in Lima. The cab drivers keep saying that it must seem quite hot for us and we keep explaining that it is currently REALLY cold and snowy at out home. I suspect that Peggy Moe is very sorry that she lent me her down jacket for the trip!!

We visited the San Fransisco church and Monastery, with catacombs and a huge library; looking much like a Harry Potter creation. It seems a bit ironic that the Catholic church was busy expressing horror about the way the natives sacrificed and buried their dead in a barbarous fashion when they were throwing the skeletons of earlier parishioners into a couple of giant 45 foot wells. Rather higgledy-pigglety if you ask me...

I thoroughly enjoyed the Larco Museum; an architectural museum which was excellent at bringing to understanding that Peru is much more than the story of the Incas, followed by the Spaniards. Not only was the English signage great; it really worked to draw the viewer into seeing these artifacts not as something to be ogled at and perhaps amused by in comparison to our "modern, enlightened times", but that throughout the ages, we are defined by ritual and beliefs, often shaped by those in power,but always reflective of our desire to understand the world around us and the transitions of life, death and rebirth. Today; we head to Arequipa via a 17 hour bus...


Well put Barb, I thoroughly enjoyed the Museo Larco, it's signage and lighting, and feel that I have more knowledge of Peru's culture beyond the Spanish conquest. We arrived there by Uber so I feel very modern and tech savvy. The café at the Museo is darling, set in a beautiful garden and the food perfect, so we took a picture of it. Our Uber driver, Ramon, who had lived in Seattle and fished in Alaska, recommended that we see a park at night that has many fountains lit up with a laser show. Why not? We were let in free because we are old. It is a huge park with fountains everywhere you looked, strolling paths and places to sit and enjoy the coolness of the spray off the fountains. We were surrounded by families, it was just a joyous place. The laser show was historical in nature, well done, we were glad to leave. It was one of those slight turns you take down an unknowable path that can give you a glimpse of life in a city.

Dinner last night was alfresco with the specialty of the country, ceviche and potatoes. It's lovely to watch the world go by, drinking a cold beer or Pisco sour sitting in a town square in the moonlight.

Today we leave for Arequipa on a luxurios bus complete with Wifi. At the bus station cafe we met a couple of gents from Canada, glad to escape the cold weather in Edmonton, and a young guy from Ireland who chatted about Brexit and his thoughts on it and the voting public of GB and Ireland.

We will have a birds eye view of the Mountains and the Sea as we travel south.

More tomorrow

Wow, 16 hours to read.


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