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Our Taxi drive to the hotel

Our Hotel

Checking in

The efficient staff

The sign for the pedestrian street

The pedestrian street

Items for sale

Visual arts museum

Some things fro sale were like Garage Sale stuff

Others were crafted by artists

If I needed a hair cut


The local church

Looks like large government building

Bicycle path




A good restaurant


Our hotel's lobby bar


Tom's choice for lunch - hot dogs


Something like a chili dog?

A hearty dinner

Leg of lamb

A special dessert wine for Anne's birthday Feb 5)


Birthday sweets

Feb. 4-8, 2019 Santiago, Chile

We arrived by noon at our hotel after relatively swift customs and immigration. Our cab was an “Official Taxi” and the charge was (according to the bell boy) correct. Our hotel (The Singular Santiago) is relatively new and has no traditional reception desk. We were seated in the lobby and given chocolates and a cool glass of water as the efficient staff recorded our passport and visitor documentation.

Just outside and to the left is a pedestrian street with buskers and artists. The museum of visual arts is behind this array of artisans. Chile is predominantly Roman Catholic and a large church is at the end of the pedestrian street. It is a huge city of over eight million. It has an integrated bicycle path system with motorized vehicles. There are many places to eat, but we stayed at the hotel’s restaurant which provided bilingual menus. However, Tom had to sample the national favorite, HOT DOGS (called HOGS), which turned out to be a long wiener that was probably boiled and covered with toppings like a submarine sandwich. They should try Rochester’s own Zweigle’s roasted over a charcoal fire!

For Anne’s Birthday, we had a leg of lamb for two carved at the table by the excellent waiter. She was also presented with a birthday assortment of sweets and a special dessert wine.

The unusual summer temperatures (record highs have been recorded in the past weeks) kept us inside and our only exploration was a wine tour. (see the next entry).

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