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Packed and ready

Rochester's renovated airport

Taking a rest - It's Early!



Our Delta plane

In Atlants where Super Bowl LIII is being held

We got to watch the Super Bowl in Atlanta - in the...

Sherlock takes our dinner order on board the plane

Celebrating the flight


Our flight path

The flight is 10 hours - flat bed seats make it tolerable

A two hour time difference (later) South America is east of North...


Feb. 3, 2019 Leaving Rochester for Santiago, Chile

Packing for this trip was a bit more complex than other journeys we have taken. We will begin in record breaking heat in Santiago, Chile (in the high 90s!) and head south toward temperatures more in the low 40’s and even more frigid. Our suitcases were “over-packed” and weighed more than our usual 50 pounders. But we are ready for rain and snow in the most southern tip of the South American Continent.

Since we did not want to dig our car out at the Rochester Airport, we used Lyft and got delivered right to the door of the newly renovated building. There were many comfortable couches and Anne took advantage. Both of us have been having health issues. Anne with an incomplete diagnosis of Parkinson’s and Tom has had a torn meniscus operation in his right knee. We have decided to go on the trip based on all our doctors’ advice and hope the relaxing will help and that we do not overdo.

Our flight is long and our Delta Jet was at the gate when we arrived. The flight to Atlanta was uneventful. We make sure we do not fly to New York or Chicago in the winter and this proved an excellent strategy since the Polar Vortex had practically shut down both of these transportation centers.

Atlanta was a bustle of Super Bowl LIII and we joked to some of our friends that “We’re going to Atlanta to see the Super Bowl! (in the airport!)”

For a 10 hour flight we camped out in the luxury of flat-bed seats in business class. Having a full course dinner at 1:00 in the morning was a bit overwhelming, so we shared the entree. Then we settled down for an adequate, but sometimes bumpy sleep. There is a time zone difference of 2 hours later since South America is east of North America. So the 1AM time was actually 3AM! We arrived at 10AM Chile time and had breakfast on board.

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