Christmas Markets on the Rhine travel blog

Cologne cathedral

Entrance to the Xmas market

Ferris wheel at the market

Gluwein stand

Beer stube

Potato pancake booth

Potato pancakes

We started the day docked at Monheim not Manheim.. Took our usual too much breakfast then to the lounge for a departure briefing. We were advised as to the proper tipping procedures as well as baggage transfers to the airport. We then boarded a bus for transport to Cologne. Of course it was raining off and on but we persevered and began our adventure at the cathedral. (1248-1880) Quite impressive and 550 feet tall. We then proceeded to some of the Christmas markets - Cologne has 7 - but only smelled the food. We did however buy a gluwein to keep our record intact. It began raining harder so we ducked into a bier stube for a cold one. We then walked down to the fishermen's market by the river scouting for lunch. We stopped at a restaurant with Denise getting a pizza and Mike a curry wurst-yum. We each had a Kolsch beer, unique to Cologne. What makes them different, besides the taste, is it is a bottomless glass. When you finish one another one magically appears. Of course you are charged for the refills and they keep track by putting a tick mark on your beer coaster. You stop the flow by putting your coaster on top of your glass.

We had hoped to go to the other markets as we had only visited a couple, but the rain continued so we said "uncle" and walked back to the bus for a 40 minute ride back to the ship. This is really the only day that we got rained out. Pretty lucky, although snow would have been fun.

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