Christmas Markets on the Rhine travel blog

World wine consortium

Metal sculpture in front of city hall

Oldest building still standing after WWII

Cathedral circa 975

Old town

Chagall windows in St Stephens church

Xmas market

Warming hut at Xmas market

Our guides at dinner

We started the day docking at Mainz. After breakfast we met with a local guide who took us into the city. Mainz is one of the major wine regions in Germany and part of a worldwide win consortium (see street sign photo). We went into the whole town and into the Gutenberg museum. We had a demonstration on how to Make the type letters that were used in the press and also how to print. We were able to see one of the original Gutenberg Bibles. After that we went to the Cathedral which was built approximately 1000 years ago. Although Mainz is a small town at that time the Archbishop required a large Cathedral. We also went to the Christmas market and of course had to buy wurst and deep fried potato latkes. We went to Saint Stephens Church that is decorated with numerous windows created by Chagall. We walked back down toward the Christmas market and stopped at a wine stube to partake of some local Riesling. The water has been very low this year due to a dry year. A couple of weeks before we left on the trip we were warned that we would probably have to change ships due to the low water level. A couple of days before we left we were told that the water level had risen enough that we would not have to change ships. That said, we learned that the stretch of the river we were on now was only about 6 feet deep. In the afternoon we took an optional trip to a nearby small town known for its wine restaurants. We walked the Xmas market there and then all went to dinner at a local restaurant. The food was mediocre but we entertained with music and singing and our tour guides dressed in tacky Santa outfits led us a drinking game, the chicken dance and of course YMCA. It was fun, but a little less than we were expecting/hoping.

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