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Friday February 2, 2018

And the routine continues, breakfast and an early walk to the beach. And what an incredible beach it is – the whitest and cleanest beach we have seen this whole trip.

We walk another 100m on beautiful hard packed sand, virtually rock free, to the edge of the pounding surf. The tide is out and there are a few surfers attempting to catch a wave or two and we marvel at the absolute beauty, the water is the most brilliant teal blue. NOW we understand why it was her favourite beach!

Fero returns to the casita and I do a quick run to the Super and can’t believe the intensity of the sun today. As soon as I step in the door, I donn my bathing suit and hit the pool. Needless to say, this is where we spent the balance of the day and loved every second of it!

Saturday February 3, 2018

Up early to take full advantage of the fresh mornings, coffee on the patio is the first order of the day.

Today we decide to take the local bus back to El Cruce and just see what there is to see. Getting there was simple and quick and it was relatively pleasant this early in the morning. Since we rushed to catch the bus we didn’t have breakfast so we thought we would treat ourselves and try the local bakery.

I have read about the bakeries in Costa Rica – most of them are owned by German or Europeans so I was keen to try one. Simply called ‘The Bakery’, thankfully we were early as before long, it was lined up out the door. Along with delectable pastries (we were told they are famous for their almond croissants so we had to try one), they also served a multitude of healthy breakfasts. Everything was superb and it was every bit worth the trip!

The first bus back to our end of the road was at 11:30am so we had two hours to kill. First the bank for more Costa Rican Colones and then check out the beach at this end. What a disappointment in comparison to our end. Not as clean and quite pebbly. We hung about watching the surfers, and there were some very good ones. I overheard one fellow say ‘looks like surfing rush hour is over’ as early morning and late afternoon are the best times.

We waited for our bus as the sun was getting hotter and hotter. Finally it appeared. Once in the coolness of our pool, Fero exclaimed ‘well that was torture’ 𿘂- and guess whose idea it was! He was even thinking of renting an ATV so that we could look around further afield. I shuddered at the thought as everywhere we looked were people with masks or bandanas covering their mouth and nose and riding through the dust until you couldn’t see them any longer – phooey!

We kicked back for the afternoon and around 5:00pm, I wanted to head to the beach to see the sunset. We thought there may be a few people doing the same, and were we surprised to see the beach packed with people and at least 100 or more surfers trying for that perfect wave. The tide was in and the waves were huge, it was really an spectacular sight! We stayed, filming the setting sun until it was well below the horizon and into the sea.

What a fabulous way to end the day!

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