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Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg - late 1500s to 1600s

Another view



More decorations


A couple of stalls

A shopper

Our ship

More decorations

Today we were in Strasbourg. There was a lot of discussion given the shootings last week, but we were assured that we were safe. Old town Strasbourg is really beautiful with churches and buildings dating back to the 1300s and 1400s. We took a boat trip on the Ill, a tributary of the Rhine that goes through Strasbourg. It was a fun trip and a great way to see more of Stasbourg. We walked into the old town and found Xmas markets in multiple places. Their Xmas decorations are amazing and we saw all the lights that would be on at night. We tried to stay in town long enough for it to get dark, but ran out of energy after walking around town for 7 hours. Hundreds of stalls at the Xmas market, lots of Gluwein stalls (mulled wine) and the cups here were plastic and in our opinion not worth collecting. Hopefully the next town - Baden Baden. Lots of food stalls, some with baked goods - guite a bit of gingerbread, cookies, candies, etc. In addition there were booths making crepes, sausages, pretzels and a bunch of other food. We still have yet to make a purchase but Mike assures me there will be more opportunities. Lots of Xmas ornaments, pottery, candles, linens and clothing, particularly hats, gloves and slippers for very good reason. We were so enjoying the decorations and the market that we totally forgot about the shooting last week until we happened on a street with three different spots laden with candles, flowers and mementos. It really brought the whole incident home knowing we were at the very same spot. It started to rain this a.m. So we ducked into a restaurant. Since we were there we dedicated to order the local favorite "Tarte Flambé". It is basically a pizza but the crust is really thin and the sauce is creme fraiche - yum! I meant to take a picture but only remembered when it was almost gone. We got a crepe at the Xmas market with whipped cream and sugar that was delicious. When we came out it was clear so we skated again on the weather. We took the Straussbahn into town and back. It is a very clean, modern and efficient electric tram system. There is a talk tonight on the ship about the European Union and the different countries and their views and later a talk about Xmas traditions all over Europe. The food on the ship has been really good and plentiful. Wish I had brought looser clothes!

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