Christmas Markets on the Rhine travel blog

Building decorated for Christmas at Kaysersberg

A River runs through it

Building with nativity scene in front

Fountain datingvto 1521

This morning when we woke up (3:30 a.m.) it was cold and drizzling. It took a while but eventually we had a cold but clear and nice day. We watched the ship go through a couple of locks this a.n. The captain said we will be going through 14 altogether. After a "light" breakfast and "light" lunch we were taken to a little town in France named Kaysersberg. It was a charming little town with a lot of original architecture and a lovely Xmas market. Each market is different and has food and drink and handicrafts local to that area. Always the Gluwein,, but each city has their own cup which you can collect or return. Kaysersberg had a lot of pretzels, sausages and cheese and a ton of bakeries. Tomorrow we are skipping lunch so that we can partake of all of the goodies. Walked the town and the market with quite a few others, then caught the bus to go to Riquewhir - another little town with a Xmas market. It was smaller, but charming with its own local specialities, particularly different kinds of gingerbread and other goodies. Back to the ship for the captain's welcome cocktail and dinner. Awesome evening - Veal roast,, Gorgonzola tortellini and crime brûlée for dessert - not good for the diet!

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