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This is one of those days best seen in the rear view mirror. Our air was "free" with the tour and Antartica cruise and not what we would have selected for ourselves. We NEVER have a double connection with lots of waiting time in between. In another way we are lucky to be here at all. Some of our travel colleagues had their air arrangements cancelled due to the grounding of the 737 Max planes. I think they all got rebooked at less convenient times than originally scheduled. It caused lots of consternation last night when the emails from the airlines arrived.

We are waiting in the Premium Lounge in Sao Paolo after flight #1. Now that many people can get into these lounges with their credit cards as we have, they are noisy and crowded and less elegant than they used to be. The booze flows freely, but the food is not what we expect. My mini chocolate parfait ended up tasting like prunes. But we are lucky to have a comfortable place to sit with decent wi fi. It helps to pass the layover time rather painlessly. You can even take a shower her, something we will need after the next flight.

Flight #2 will be the long one to Atlanta. We have Premium Economy seats again, but after the trip down here, aren't expecting much beyond aching joints. If only Business Class weren't so $$$.

This too will pass.

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