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Railway Hotel in Grenfell

Another old pub in Grenfell

2 old banks in Grenfell

Memorial to Henry Lawson

Having a chat with Henry!

29/11/2018. Thursday. Sunny and warm

Grenfell to Gulgong

We walked up to the main street and had a look at the old buildings of Grenfell, which was the birthplace of Henry Lawson. He was actually born on the goldfields and not in the town. We had a coffee before we left probably the best free camp we’ve stayed in just before noon, and drove through Gooloogong to Canowindra where we had lunch in a lovely park. We chatted to a couple who were close to 90 years old who travelled around Australia and mostly stayed in cabins and had a small wheelie overnight bag for their plates, cups, utensils, tablecloth, thermos, food and a wheelie esky for cold things. There were well set up and it made us think that we too can do this when the van has gone. No need to stop travelling! We continued on through Molong to Wellington and finally stopped at Gulgong Showgrounds where we’ve all stayed before.

We drove through some spectacular countryside, with sheep on one side and cattle on the other side of the road, saw beehives, grain fields and distant mountains. We drove through a short stretch of road undergoing repair and right at the end were hit by a huge stone and have a nice indent in the windscreen. Damn! That will have to be replaced when we get home - we’re just hoping it doesn’t crack before then. It’s crazy - there was an 80kph sign at the beginning of the roadworks and there was a narrow strip of bitumen in the centre and the rest of the road unmade. Surely 40kph would be a better speed! Anyhow, what’s done’s done, and it’s only money!!

It’s lovely here at the Showgrounds, but poor Hazel had a cold shower - the empty gas bottle hadn’t been replaced. We opted for a hot shower in the van!! But Hazel said it was invigorating.

We didn’t pass any cherry orchards today, so I didn’t get to ‘pick my own’.

For the last 2 years I’ve had surgery on the 29th November. Looks like I’ve broken the cycle........yeah!!!!

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