Jordan and Oman 2018 travel blog

View of Amman from The Citadel

Roman Amphitheater

The Citadel

Amman has a population of around 4 million people. It is very busy, dirty and hard to get your bearings is built up and down 7 ‘hills’ and most of the buildings are cream thru yellow...the natural colour of limestone although today the majority are cinder block with plaster or limestone facing.

Here you see more the other places you rarely saw women ‘out’ . They all wear some form of hijab and most wear the common long coat that covers them from neck to ankles. The men , of course, wear anything they want to wear. I never saw a single woman driving until today....if I saw 5000 cars all had male drivers except 2 cars. All the women service staff in the hotels are Phillipina’s. They do not speak Arabic but English. They serve the alcohol and never see any young Jordanian woman working...home minding the children ...

The Citadel, a mostly Roman excavation sits atop a hill and gives a wonderful vista over Amman.

The Roman Amphitheater is below at street can hold 5000 people. What an advanced culture...

Tomorrow our final day trip to Northern Jordan...then the Economic Freedom of the Arab World starts at night. Mike is making rumblings about bringing up the treatment of women as that is the newest measurement in the Index...should be an interesting conference!

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