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View of the beast that is Mnt Everest (Middle), Cho Oyo (Right),...

Close up of the beast

Arty shot of pray flags and the beast

Team Everest (me, Matt, Mike Dongi)

Some random ruins on the way down from the pass, well dry...

How the Tibetans roll, Mnt Everest in background

Rongbuk Monestry highest in world apprantly and the beast.

Another arty shot of the beast

Me with a hundred layers to keep out the minus 10 od...

The Everest Hilton AKA Base camp, I stayed in the luxury suite...

The sun goes down on Everest and with it the temperature, -20...


Sonar our host and some crazy dudes

Our Chariot back to Rongbuk

Me and the Beast up close

The local Latrine, as you can see spotlessly clean, some real inaccurate...

Last look at the beast, what a beauty.

Wednesday 12th October

Got up and breakfast consisted of some stale bread and crisps, hell i must be a proper traveller now eating crap like that, when I could easily go and spend 80p in the restuarant for something. We got going went through some PSB check point and then onward up to a pass of 5220 metres, where you could see all the Himalayan beasts Everest, Lhoze and Cho Oyo. From hear it was all done hill and Sani decided to take us on a short cut of the crap road onto an even crapper road, great work Sani. Got to the entrance to the Everest national park and I started chatting to the locals asked them how cold it got up at Base Camp at night the dude said anything between -15 and -20 c, I thought bollox that cold.

We then jumped into a minibus and left Sani behind till tomorrow afternoon, before we knew it we were at Rongbuk Monastery, yes some crazy monks live up here, and the beast was right in front of us, it took my breathe away, it was a beaut. Well stuck some extra layers on left the big bags at a house and then stomped the 7 Ks up to Base Camp. Real hard work at this height, dont know how they climb the beast. We checked into our tent for the night then grabbed some photos of the sunset over the peak. The temp started to drop real quick and Sonar was chucking loads of sheep poo on the fire, its good for about 5 mins, then burns out, kept telling him to get some wood, but it was just dung for us.

Grabbed a pot noodle and then hit the sack when the fire went out, bed consisted of three blankets and all my clothes on and still I was freezing. We checked the temp at bedtime and it was 4c inside the tent, by 3 am it was -3c and at 6 am it was -7c, inside the ruddy tent, what a joke, thought my feet and hands were gonna drop off. During the night I was thinking whos stupid idea was it to sleep up here, it was ridiculous.

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