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Fire progression map. Dark pink represents our two fires, red is from...

Lunchtime walking spot

More from lunchtime...clearly an understatement.

After racing up to the ridgeline yesterday, our fire is backing down the other side at a nice pace. That might sound odd but the forest is full of very large dead trees that almost certainly will burn some day. Fire tends to move uphill very quickly and to back downhill slowly, as this one is doing. Burning down at a reasonable pace while consuming dead trees is ecologically the best scenario. The timing is far from perfect because weather is not letting smoke disperse and all of California is getting

socked in by smoke from the Camp and Woolsey fires. Ironically, I am working in some of the best air quality in the state.

Further, I won't be having really long days if this burning pattern continues. I'm not disappointed about that - I am truly getting spoiled.

I didn't have an opportunity for a very scenic drive today but I managed to go to a nearby Corps of Engineers campground for a short walk during my lunch break. Our office is on a busy highway with no good place to walk so I am happy with this alternative.

My Incident Commander has been giving me the opportunity to do a brief explanation of some aspect of my job at our daily briefing. Usually ARAs don't get to talk at the briefing so I've tried to keep it really BRIEF and hopefully interesting. Tonight I was invited to join in a meeting with all the Division Chiefs. It was interesting to hear the planning process for how many planes, "engines" (their term for fire trucks), and other things are needed for tomorrow. At the end of the meeting I thanked them for letting me listen in and was surprised to have one of the Division Chiefs tell me he was learning valuable things from my morning messages. I feel very humbled to be even the tiniest part of the team effort that is going into controlling fires in California this summer. Plus he is from CalFire (they are not in command of this fire but have a division participating in control efforts), and making inroads with them is important to our program participation here in CA. So it has been a very good day.

Goodnight, y'all.

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