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Today we left Malta and flew to Rome, Italy!! We got here about noon, checked into our beautiful hotel and met our new guide, Luca. He gave us a short walking tour around our hotel to show us the many places to eat. He also covered the schedule for the rest of the week. He then left us on our own. We're with another couple, Roger and Sandy. We strolled the streets to find something to eat. We found this wonderful hole-in-the-wall pizza place with the best pizza ever!! See photos!! Then we found the next most wonderful place to eat, the gelato store; that's Italian style ice cream.

We walked some more and found the Supreme Court Building, a beautiful church and walked along the river Tiber. An interesting fact: there are boat rides along the Seine in Paris, the Thames in London, etc. But no boat rides along the Tiber in Rome!! The problem is that after the river Tiber flooded Rome several times, the city fathers decided to build a tall wall along the river banks so it wouldn't flood. So it doesn't flood anymore, but now it's now a pretty river flowing through Rome!! There's nothing to see from the river except the tall wall!

Now we're in our room taking a siesta. It's been a long day!

More adventures tomorrow!

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