We find our Airbnb house and host

Our bnb room facing out to a calm back yard.

It’s coming into fall here, so things are a little cool and...

Views of our little towns main street

Wonderful well kept streets.

Bikes, bikes

And more bikes, all over this city.

We find a nice place to have lunch

Then we start to walk all over the city

To prove we’re there !

Fabulous streets and houses

Fabulous streets and houses

Fabulous streets, canals and houses

About the Pilgrims

Names of families who had deaths while living here. Listing Samuel Fullers’...

Inside Pieterskierk Church

Pieterskierk Church

Dave reads about the Pilgrim Fathers life in Leiden

An aerial view of this huge Pieterskierk

A artist concept of life in Leiden

Leiden’s coat of arms, “logo” Peter was given the keys to the...

Many streets were just a beautiful

We find the Museum of American Pilgrim Fathers

About the Museum

Dave with Dr. Jeremy D. Bangs

Book by Jeremy Bangs

book by Jeremy Bangs

Another descendant from Pilgrim Edward Fuller

Inside the museum, items from the late 1500’s and early 1600’s

Inside the museum

Rebecca looks at the newly discovered fireplace, at the museum, centuries hidden

To show we were there

To show we were there

Wow, this person is SERIOUS about this holiday

Ever wonder how they clean the canals?

Here’s a neat piece of engineering, A boat with a big scooping...

When the boat is full, go to empty the boat! Start all...

Boats for tourists...

Private boats, wow !

Well, you saw all the thousands of bikes earlier, still more bikes,...

During the day of 3 of October celebration we walked by this...

And more little boats

We found the parade...

Read the agreement that was signed by all the adult males

When we reached the lovely and busy city of Leiden after our 30 minute train ride, we found a taxi, gave him the piece of paper with the address of our Airbnb on it. The taxi driver had no problem finding the home where we shared a well appointed and comfortable room for three days. Pauline, our host made sure we were comfy and went way above the call of duty later, by guiding our travel when it was time to leave. We also discovered that we’re 5 bus stops away from the city costing 4 Euro’s each way. Our first evening, found us exploring the little town we’re in and finding a terrific restaurant. The next day, our first day in the city of Leiden plopped us in the middle of a huge celebration called “3 October” or “Liberty Day”! For the day of 3 October 1574 when the Spanish were routed from Leiden, a day of freedom! Think, Fourth of July!

Our stop here is scheduled for us to get in touch with Dave’s ancestry. In the heart of Leiden is a museum set aside just for the Pilgrim Fathers. Dr. Jeremy D. Bangs is curator, spokesman and central knowledge core for all questions. We found out as we talked with Dr. Bangs that he’s written at least four books on the subject of the Pilgrim Fathers. Months ago, Dave connected with Dr. Bangs to make sure we would be in the city at the time the museum would be open. He warned us of a “big celebration” and maybe a “parade or two” . Our first day in the city was just us walking around touring and getting the lay of the town. We found a beautiful, clean city, nice helpful citizens. We found the St. Peter’s Church, where there is an alcove dedicated to the Pilgrim Fathers. We found that the churches data base has location of most graves of those who attended here even those in the late1500’s. The Pilgrim Fathers families lived here for long enough, about 15 years, that they had births, marriages, deaths, etc. Dave found out that his Pilgrim, Edward Fuller actually lived in Rotterdam, but was having a house built in Leiden just prior to the time they departed for the New World.

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