Gliding through the Rhine we were given a chance to go to...

This young man is THE YOUNGEST ship captain in the Viking fleet

The skyline from the dike at our ship.

The map of the canals and river grid.

Our guide explains how the water is moved from the lowland, to...

The huge lift pumps which move canal water over the dike to...

About the lift pumps

About the area

Close up view of our first windmill

After much explaining we get to go into the demonstration mill.

The family that used to live here, children have shaved heads due...


About the family

Husband and Wife

Boots of the father af the home

Wonderful landscape

Dave tries on some BIG Clogs

The Largest Concentration of Windmills in The Netherlands -- As the ship passed into the complex system of rivers and canals of the Netherlands we saw the picturesque Dutch countryside and the original technological marvels of historic Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our guide met us at the ship then we walked with our guide into the serene polder lands of South Holland. As we crossed the dike to the windmills, we noticed that they in fact, are at a lower elevation than our ship, as much of this part of The Netherlands is below sea level. Built in the mid-18th century, these 19 windmills, the largest concentration in The Netherlands, stand like sentinels on a hushed landscape. We learned why they were built and saw firsthand how they work, even stepping into a working windmill to observe its mechanics and living quarters. These Windmills were built only for the purpose of pumping water out of the lowland bog into the larger canal where the water migrates toward the huge pumps that pump the water over the dike to the river. Though this windmill is used as a demonstration for tourists, it was in operation, actually pumping water at a great rate, into the canal. Families who live in these mills are required to keep them in working order. This excursion provided a very revealing look at these marvelous buildings that helped shape the legendary Dutch landscape. Our guide was born and raised in this town, delivering fruit and vegetables as a young boy and later as a newspaper reporter in his adult career. The windmill we toured was once tended to by a family with 12 children.

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