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I have had a minor glitch with my portable WiFi modem so I have been out of sychnc. For reasons unknown it has reset itself and its password back to factory defaults. This of course took some time to discover and resolve what the factory password is..

Yesterday we drove to Blayney from Gulgong. Got a load of crook diesel I suspect because the car started to misbehave but is running ok now that we filled up in Orange.

But I digress, the trip across is quite scenic, there are a few major ascents and descents to be made and work has been done on the road between Ilford (we did not stop for rolls of film for the brownie box camera) and Sofala. The Turon Museum of Technology is along this road and its well worth a visit especially on the “running days” when the curator runs all the steam powered stuff. He was really helpful when I was researching what my Grandfather got up to in Sofala,

We did not stop in Sofala this trip but it makes you wonder comparing Cassilis with Sofala why one dies and one thrives, there are a few Cafes in Sofala now. Of course they have the great free camps on the Turon that my grandfather dug the swimming holes for with the gold dredge.

Arrived in Blayney around noon and set up. Nice park here, Old but spotless amenities and the new owner has planted privacy hedges between the sites.

Today we ventured forth on a tour of reminiscence, of course a lot has changed in the 40 or so years since we lived in Orange. We were saddened to see the estate where we used to live that housed the professionals bought to the region by the Development Corporation now reduced to a slum with junk piled up, car bodies and piles of rubbish everywhere. It was one of the better parts of Orange when we were there. Out to Mt Canobolas to take in the view and then checked out the lake. No Camping allowed there now and the lake looks like its overrun with algae.

Millthorpe is another picturesque village we used to frequent, its now also on the resurgence with the Railway station set up as a Cafe and some unusual retail boutiques selling goods. Of course even though trains still go through Millthorpe you cant catch one there.

We returned to Blayney via Lucknow where we once tried to buy a block of land, fortunately we got gazumped because now the block is right on the highway with all the “convenience” that brings.

We might try the local Chinese for dinner, the Hang Seng, should have a neatly indexed menu?

We should get home tomorrow, we are going via Hobbys Yards, Tuena, Trunkey Creek and Crookwell. Hopefully it will prove a viable route for us to travel north without having to go through Sydney or out to Cowra.

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