Moore's do Peru 2018 travel blog

Up, breakfast and then wandered down to the train station just a little down from our hotel. Hung out in the waiting room for our train as the were a couple of different ones before ours. There was a dog that went and quietly sat with people while they waited.

We boarded our Vistadome train and enjoyed the hour and half ride through the valley to Aguas Calientes (there town at the base of Machupichu). It was a little wet this morning which streamed up the window but still left great views along the way.

We are met off the train and taken to our hotel and a time was made to meet to head up the mountain. It was raining.  In the mean time we went and had a delicious lunch and some of the nice drink made from the purple corn, Chicha Morada.

We heard of four the bus que at 12:30 and it was a reasonable length but we only spent a few minutes as our guide whisked us to the front. We would then have met a different guide at the top after our 25 minute bis ride. Thankfully there rain had stopped and the cloud was beginning to thin out.

We caught up with our guide amongst all the other tourists. We had thought the huge que was the entry que but it was for the bus heading down thankfully.

We began with the sites for that perfect photo send could clearly see Huayna Picchu, the peak we would climb the next morning. Machu Picchu means old peak and the citadel is built at the top at 3400mt above sea level. It was discovered in 1911 and it is thought that the Spanish never knew about it as it is intact, only affected by time, weather and nature. It is also thought that the Incan's when they left an area permanently they would burn the area and cut off any paths so they were not discovered.

It is truly an amazing place and the ingenuity, skill and engineering of these people is unbelievable.

After our full tour with the guide we were left to have free time to wander on our own. We took some photos in the poncho that Kelvin had bought just to look the part, haha.

We waited around 20 min to get on a bus to head down.

We had a chill at the hotel end then Kelvin went and had a soak in the local hot pools, he is adding to the countries he has been in hot pools.

Dinner and a free Pisco Sour.

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