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Today up at 4am. We didn't get to bed till midnight after our tour around the Lapa district so not much sleep. Explore transfer us to the airport and we say our goodbyes to Diego. Flying Avianca who are very organised and and we are actually all boarded ready to go early. The flight is 6 hours to Bogota. I watched a movie and we had breakfast and a ham and cheese roll with sundried tomotoes and the flight went quickly. On arrival quick immirgation and customs and into offical taxi to the Hotel. The driver didnt speak much English but he had a voice translater so he pointed out various things along the way. A bit grotty, graffitti and some uncared for buildings and a bit dirty, rubbish on the ground and quite a few homeless. Venezuela!!

The room is not ready so we go for a coffee next door and a wander around the city centre to get our bearings. We return at 3.30 and get our room which took longer than we though as some woman in reception was trying to sort out a bill. Later we went looking for a bar for a drink and found Revellation. Quiet now at 5pm but at 8pm there is a live band and some samba happening. Not tonight we are too tired so we go to a Restaurant we picked out earlier and had a lovely meal, steak, salad and coconut rice. The salad was really nice and had avocado too, much better than the lettuce, tomato and onion which featured heavily in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

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