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Our last morning in Nepal and we all savour a chance to sleep in. For some reason I am wide awake at 6:00am and meet with Roger and Pam for breakfast. They are leaving for India this morning so I plan to go to the airport with them.

Prem, as always, is on time along with two of Bikesh's fellows Nir and Kangsan (I think). Off we head to the airport and we can't believe the lack of traffic, it is a breeze. When we comment on this, Nir says, oh that is because of 'The Festival', everyone is still in their villages. No opportunity is missed to use 'The Festival' as an excuse 𯘂.

The fellows give Pam and Roger their Khata scarves, very special ones that Bikesh picked up in Tansen. They are handwoven and specific to the Palpa region. So very thoughtful of Bikesh!! Prem tells us that he has done many tours over the years, however his best tour has been with us. He says he will never forget it. How sweet!

The airport police won't let me go in with Pam & Roger as my flight is much later so I head back to the Kathmandu Guest House, with shopping stops along the way. Not feeling the desire to shop earlier in the trip, I make up for it today and manage to fill the extra bag I bought - oops!

I bump into Tammy and Shane and we have lunch together at the Roadhouse restaurant. More shopping, packing, and repacking and before we know it, Prem has arrived to collect us for our airport departure. We say our thanks, goodbyes and receive our beautiful Khata scarves and enter the chaos that is Kathmandu airport!

It is a bit of a wait but we manage to arrive in the gate area well before our boarding time and amuse ourselves with spending the last of our Nepalese Rupees on exorbitantly priced goods.

Our flight departs on time and it seems like no time and we are landing in Hong Kong. We decide to pay for the Plaza Premium Lounge and plant ourselves at a table with comfy chairs. And here we will sit and come & go until our departure to Vancouver.

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