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A beautiful view of lake Titicaca from our room this morning with Guinea pigs running around on the back lawn, maybe like those restaurants where you choose your fresh fish from the tank.

After breakfast we were taken at 7am to the port where we boarded one of the many boats heading out on tours into the lake. It was a 36 seater boat with many nationalities on board with the main guide whose name was Cleaver, he was very informative and funny.

Or first stop was Uros and into one of the many floating islands. The islands are made from reeds (Totora) as well as the houses, boats,  it is eaten, medicinal and used on the fire. Each island is a family group and they make a new island every 25 years. We were given a great talk all about this and their hunting and fishing practices. We were then shown inside a house and presented with the hand made souvenirs they had for sale. We were then taken on the reed boat to another of the islands were we got our passport stamped and back into our boat.

It was an hour and half then to head out into the main part of the lake to the island of T where we learnt about their life. Only the men here do knitting and only women do weaving. Unmarried men have hats that have white and married men have only red. They make their hats then selves and the work is very fine. Women watch the quality and dedication single men make to their knitting to see who is most attractive. Mothers weave belts for their children every year that tell the story of their life that year that they then wear three following year when the next one is being made.

One of the men in this family went to the world textile competition and won for his knitting and design.

They gave a dancing demonstration that were were encouraged to join after followed by a delicious lunch of quinoa soup then trout and chips.

There was an opportunity to buy some of their textiles and you could really spend a fortune it was all so beautifully done.

Back on the boat back to Puno.

Spent the evening wandering the streets around the main square (plaza).

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