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First view of Sydney Harbor

Beautiful sunrise

The Opera House

Another shot of the Opera House

The Sydney Harbor Bridge

We were at the very top of its arch!

One of the wharves around Darling Harbor

Hello from Sydney!

We had two uneventful days at sea followed by sailing into the most stunning harbor in the world. We arrived just before sunrise. The pictures tell the story but don’t do it justice. The iconic Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. It’s hard to believe we are really here. Debarkation was very efficient and after a short taxi ride we are at the Hyatt Regency (thank you Paul) at Darling Harbor. We had our our room by 11:00. While waiting for it we took a walk around the harbor and scouted out the ferry system. That is how we got to the bridge climb. Talk about awesome! They prepare you extremely well. You have to wear a special jumpsuit and are not allowed to take anything up with you including jewelry. They provide lockers. You wear a harness which is constantly hooked to a rail. You get a towel which is hooked to your sleeve, a rain jacket is hooked to the back. You can wear sunglasses but they provide you with a strap so they don’t go flying. They also give you a ball cap and you guessed it, it has a clip also. The final thing needed are headphones so you can hear your guide. Ours was Matt. They even have you practice going up and coming down the ladders encountered. The climb itself did not seem strenuous. The most challenging part for me were the 4 24 step ladders that went straight up! I really appreciated the practice. The rest of the climb was more gradual. The views were tremendous. Matt narrated and told stories most of the way up and down. The whole thing took about 3 hours. Would have been a bit longer but a HUGE thunderstorm rolled in and we had to get down faster than normal. The storm was so intense we waited an hour before leaving the building and getting a ferry back to the hotel. The only disappointing thing about the climb was we could not take our own pictures but I completely understand why from a safety standpoint. We got a couple of us up there but they are on a usb stick and I have no way to send them yet. More on Sydney to come.

PS I have no idea why the photos rotate sometimes. They always look correct when I enter them.

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