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VIP class on the coach!

Working in the fields

A lot of nothing

Top of viewing tower

Sacred tree

Map of Nasca Lines

Up early and taken to the bus station by the Tucan rep. We checked in our bags and then onto the bus. We had been told our seats were on the bottom of the double decker buse and I thought we would miss the view but it seems first class was on the bottom, stuff the view lol. Comfy reclining seats with pillow and blanket.

Leaving the city were a lot of factories and interesting to see the change of homes. After the city there was pretty much nothing for a very long time. From the other side of the bus we could see the Pacific  ocean occasionally. It took us 7 and half hours to get from Lima to Nasca.

We were met off the bus and after getting settled in our room at the hotel we headed out again to go to see view from the hills and tower over looking some of the Nasca lines. This was after all why this trip was happening in the first place.  It was impressive that from ground level it was just flat nothing but to them see from above the images appeared. Thought be created between 200BC-500AD and then discovered in 1921 by crop sprayers.

Wandered the souvenir shops and the town plaza buying some bread (tasted of hot cross bun and aneseed ).

Went and had dinner at a chicken restuarant that had no English but we asked for chicken and potatoes and got roasted chicken, chips and salad not bad and we didn't have to resort to charades to order either.

Back at the hotel we went to a planetarium show on the Nasca Lines that was very interesting. Unfortunately the clouds were over so didn't get to see anything through the telescope but I didn't mind really as I needed to close my eyes!

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