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We are here beside the sea side, I do like to be beside the seaside.

Was an interesting drive today, along flooded roads, twisting and turning through the Great Divide, battling torrential rain and avoiding people who eschew turning on their lights in poor conditions.

We left Dalby at 0830 and arrived at Tin Can at 1300, not a quick trip for 300km plus there were stops for coffee at Kingaroy and fuel at Murgon.

It held off raining long enough for us to set up though.

We have had a bit of a look around and you would describe it as “peaceful”. The van park is nice with all new amenities (not that we need them – why go out in the rain when we have our own onboard).

Found a nice little Café for afternoon tea with some very cheeky birds that kept eyeing of my Florentine (ok I started it by offering a crumb), don’t feed the birds it only encourages them.

Then through the rain I spotted a Manly Ferry and a round of applause for Malcolm Grieve who quickly discovered its the Lady Woodward. Last time I saw her was at Strachan in Tassie.

So the receptionist raved about the sea food at the local F&C shop which we indulged in for dinner. It was rather ho hum actually, the fish was good what there was of it but the chips were tres ordinaire...

Soooo the TV signal is vertically polarised here and our horizontally polarised antenna is having trouble, I’ve been told I’m going to replace it with a phased array at sometime. Oh and we have a small leak so I’ll have to find a Hardware shop get a tube of sealant and borrow a ladder to fix it.

Tomorrow we have been invited to lunch at some friends near Hervey Bay. We have not been to their new house yet but it has room for 3 retired Melbourne Trams to run around which they could not fit into their other residence... I shall find the day enjoyable I suspect... Ding Ding....

On reflection things could be worse, we could have gone to Inskip Point and be swallowed up by a sinkhole.

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