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From south fork starting up toward wolf creek pass

And through the tunnel we go

Ahhh, made it to the top, .... it’s all downhill from here!

VERY clear warning signs

... and here we go

Getting closer to the hairpin curves

... we gotta fit this bus through there??!!

Made it through the construction, continuing down the mountain

Beautiful scenery as we continue down the mountain

Entering Mesa Verde National Park

And up mountain we go

Well, now, the sun came out and what a beautiful afternoon! All...

Our morning visitors

Nice buck!

Scenic overlook on the road up to Far View Lodge

Amazing views


One of several cliff dwellings we saw while on the 700 year...


It was cool cloudy and breezy. So glad we dressed in layers!





This is the last ladder at the end of that guided cliff...

From the top of that ladder, looking out across the canyon

On Friday October 5th we departed Peacock Meadows Rivers Edge RV park (elevation of about 8200 feet) and headed to Morefield Campground located in Mesa Verde National Park, a trip of approximately 160 miles, crossing the continental divide at the top of Wolf Creek Pass, elevation 10,812 feet. At the top of the pass we stopped as requested by the highway patrol and were given specific directions/instruction for descending the long steep winding grade, which included two hairpin turns, one of which was being paved this very day! Vehicles of our weight had a posted speed limit of 25 mph. It was a 7% grade and we put it in 2nd gear and that coupled with the exhaust brake kept us at 25 with very little use of the brakes. As we neared the construction are we slowed further and geared down to 1st making it easy to navigate the hairpin curve in the lane provided which was about 10 feet wide and on the outside edge of the curve. WOW! what spectacular views to see. Tom said he wouldn't mind to do it again …. next time in a car though! LOL.

Scenery along route 160 was beautiful and we noticed many roads off to the right and left that were signed as access to the national forest. We arrived at the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park and as we started our drive in, we could see cars coming down along the edge of the mountain. Mmmm, surely that is not where the camp ground is …. !!! Well now, guess what, that was our road and up we went on a narrow two lane twisty road with hardly a shoulder on either side, and a few hairpin turns to boot!! What a day of drivers ed this was, and just think, in a couple days we have to comeback down it!

We made it to the ranger station, un hooked the car there and drove to Ute Loop in the Morefield Campground. On the way in, we saw several Mule Deer, including one beautiful majestic huge buck!! We had a nice back in full hook up 30 amp gravel site.


On the morning of the 6th, we watched 6 mule deer just outside the RV. We took Bentley to the doggie day care that the park runs and we got him set up in his indoor temperature controlled kennel area, and headed further back out past the camp ground area to the Far View Lodge where we would take a bus trip called the 700 year tour. The road to the lodge was very zig zaggy but the views were outstanding. Our bus tour lasted about 4 hours and took us to several of the sites along the way where we got off the bus and were able to see many of the cliff dwellings. Our tour guide was with us every step of the way answering any question we had and providing us with detailed knowledge about the history of the 700 year period that these dwellings were built and occupied. At one stop, we were offered the opportunity to have a guided tour down into one of the dwellings. Our guide explained that we would need to be able to crawl through a 18" x 18" tunnel, up several ladders, the last one being 32 feet tall. Tom doesn't do good with heights, especially 32 foot tall ladders up the side of a vertical cliff and the tunnel was gonna be tough for both of us, so we decided to opt out of this one. While about 3/4ths of our bus group did "go for it", we went to the museum and saw another cliff dwelling area. We returned about 45 minutes later to pick up those that "went for it". All came out ok, but it was clear the first couple folks up and out did experience some anxiety from the cramped tunnel they had to go through. It sure would have been nice to see, but we made the right choice in not trying to do that. Once back at the lodge, we drove back down to the camp ground area and picked up Bentley. He was happy to see us, but his care takers were sad to see him go. They said he had been such a wonderful pup all day long!


The morning of the 7th, was windy and rainy early, with the rain stopping at around 9 a.m. We got packed up and ready for the part of our journey. Back down that steep twisty road we go ....


2-ole buddies + Bentley

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