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Bentley first boat ride

Small fry

Getting bigger

And bigger

Patrick...ok guys this is how it’s done....

Having fun at the Mystic Casino

Now on to the wine festival

Beautiful winery

Great tasting..bottoms up

Grapes between The toes

Girls day out enjoying the “junk bonanza” found some great things

Enjoying our granddaughters cross country races

Coming in to the finish line...Go Ms Jade

Another friend for life Bentley with our granddaughter Jade

Bentley also enjoying time with our daughters pup Daisy


What a blast even the pups got to partake

Enjoyed all the festivities

Our grandson Tristan showing us kite flying “Hover Board style

One last look before the big migration south..thanks to my new found...

3 weeks here in the Prior Lake MN area went by quickly. the weather was great the first week, the second week was cooler with some rains, and the 3rd week was clear, but a bit cooler than usual.


The Dakotah Meadows RV Park is adjacent to Mystic Lake Casino. We had a nice back in site that was all concrete, with a full hook up (50 amp). It is a very nice quiet park. Laundry facilities were nice, plus they had a large self service rv/car wash that we also made use of. Also on sight were fuel pumps (gas and diesel) that were competitively priced to other area gas stations. Also close by was a small grocery store.


Patrick & Michelle came over one morning and we tried our luck at the casino. The fishing slot machine was kind of a hoot, and we managed to come out a bit ahead there, but then on other slots we did not make out as well. It was a fun day and we topped it off with a meal at the buffet in a restaurant located within the casino. It was a good meal at a reasonable price (plus no dishes to do!)


And speaking of fishing, we purchased a couples 14 day fishing license. Patrick and Michelle took us out fishing on Prior Lake several times. The weather was perfect and even Bentley got to enjoy a day out on the lake. We stopped and had lunch at a restaurant on the lake, and once again the food was delicious. (plus no dishes..) No Walleyes were caught, but sunfish, perch, bass were caught. Pat took care of cleaning all of them and we had a fish fry at their house later in the week.


We were also treated to a tour and tasting at a local winery not far from New Prague where Pat and Michelle live. (see It was a wonderful day including harvesting some grapes and a chance to stomp them in the wine barrel. We left with a few bottles of their fine spirits to enjoy later in our travels. Fortunately for all, the grapes we (and others) stomped in the barrels, are run through a still and turned into 100% ethyl alcohol, which they use to clean/purify their wine barrels.


One Saturday we spent the day at the Renaissance Festival. We were able to ride a shuttle bus from the Casino to the festival and back. Much easier than trying to find parking!. We ate way too much while there (smoked turkey legs, bbq brisket, plus of course, a couple local brews) It sure was an awesome day with good weather!


Oh and speaking about the weather, we did have one close call. Mother nature presented us with some heavy rains, t-storms, etc and at one point we were under a tornado watch. Although we did not have a tornado, a town about 20 miles south of us did. That twister tore through an RV park, causing a lot of damage, but no lives were lost thankfully. It didn't sink in until a couple days later just how fortunate we were. During the time Debi was planning our trip and where to stay, that park (which has water slides, pools etc) was one we were going to stay at (the grand kids sure would have loved the water park), but Daktoah Meadows was less expensive, and was a shorter trip to/from where Pat and Michelle live. Gotta say an extra prayer for whomever was looking out for us!


Bentley had several afternoons being able to run free in Pat and Michelle's back yard, romping and playing with their dog Daisy. He also thoroughly enjoyed splashing around in their doggie pool with Daisy. Many times he has to be kept very contained in the RV parks, not all have a fenced in dog area. That is hard for a puppy, but he has grown so much, it is hard to imagine he is only 6 months old now. He is an excellent traveler and is very quiet both when we travel, or when he is out and about in the parks. He does get awful excited when meeting new people or dogs, so we still have a long way to go on training him not to jump.


We took several small trips around the area, and the amount of corn and soy beans growing in this part of the country was just mind boggling! We were able to see a couple of Jade's cross country races in neighboring towns. (our grand daughter, age 11)


As we got to the end of our stay, we got both the car and coached washed and waxed. Ready now to begin our trek to AZ!


2-ole-Buddies and Bentley

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