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I arrived in Arizona last Thursday afternoon. For the first time in 8 years the motorhome did NOT start right up. Terry came with his Jeep and gave me a jump. Even though the coach is in covered storage, the rig was filthy from the many dust storms that occurred here this summer. Terry drove the motorhome to the back of the storage lot where there is a wash facility and we gave it a cursory hosing down. Exel wash will come in a few weeks to give the outside a good cleaning , shampoo the carpet, and steam clean the fabric on the bench seats in the eating area.

Once the coach was parked on my site, jacks went down and slides went out. Electric was connected and, after installing a new hose, I finally had water. But alas the AC and hot water heater did not work properly. I called Buckeye Mobile Repair and Larry said he was booked for a week. "I'll wait" I said, because he is the best at this kind of work. It was 85 degrees but with a fan and the awning shading my windows I survived the day. Actually the cool shower felt good! Cable couldn't come until today ( Monday) so I had no TV and no internet. Just like the old days.

Thinking I would be without air for a week, I set my alarm for 3 am when it is cool and cleaned the coach for 5 hours straight. The place is sparkling!

Friday early afternoon, while I was resting, there was a knock on the door and it was Buckeye RV coming to my rescue. He was able to fit me in last minute. A thing of beauty. In no time flat he had my AC and hot water heater working. Larry is the best!

Saturday I caught up on all of the laundry - and there was tons! That evening, Terry, Josie, and I went to a free exhibition baseball game. It was a perfect night to be outdoors.

Yesterday I cooked up a storm to have prepared food ready during the week. I have appointments, baseball games, and exercising at the Y so I thought I'd get a jump on meal prep.

Today - hallelujah- the cable guy showed up at 3:30 and I am back in business.

So to summarize, it was not smooth going from the get go but all is well now and I am ready for the season.

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