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Tomatoes incubating in the cafe at the docks

Goodbye Sorrento

Naples on the walk from ferry to metro

Along the way

Waiting for our tour of the Capuchin Crypts

One of the Capuchin Crypts - represents birth

Inside the Pantheon

Piazza Barberini

The Pantheon

I was awake a bit before the kids so showered and dressed before I woke them. The alarm went off at the agreed wake up time of 5:30 so I turned on the light with much fan fare. Wasn't received all that well. The kids are both tired so are struggling in the mornings however it wasn't too long before the showering, dressing and packing was underway. We were on schedule to get down to the port in plentry of time for our ferry. The desk clerk called a taxi and I jokingly said to the kids it will probably cost us €20 to go less than 1km. Guess what, I was wrong, it cost €25. Unbelievable however it was a nice relaxed journey to the port.

We liked Sorrento. It has a nice feel, a bit Gold Coastish however still nice. There's a lot of traffic however it didn't worry us. The hotel was great...the room was comfortable and the pool and garden area unexpected and nice. We only used the pool once however it was good to have.

I'd bought our tickets online so assumed we would just have to front up at the boat. Wrong! When we endeavoured to board, the guy letting people board told me I had to exchange the electronic ticket for paper ones. Oh dear, second time in two days I've messed up tickets. I left the kids on the dock and ran back to the ticket office and begged others in the line to let me jump the queue so we didn't miss the boat. They were very kind and allowed me to so I got back to the boat, tickets in hand and plenty of time still to board.

We had an uneventful journey to Naples and GPS guru Sarah led us to the metro station as the next part of our journey...Municipo to Garibaldi and then a change to our train to Rome. No dramas with the metro trip and we quickly found our train to Rome and were on our way.

Again, an uneventful journey with some pretty countryside to look at along the way. Riley and I played a few games of patience land before we knew it, we'd arrived. I can't believe how quickly Riley has picked up the game.

GPS Sarah was on the job again and we arrived at our accommodation. It was very well disguised so we walked past it a few times before realising we were really there. We checked in with our host who has very limited English and she showed us to our room. They don't accept cared it card so I need to have cash to pay tomorrow and I had sent a request asking if we could check out about 12 however 10:30 is the time and that's that. I guess we'll kill a bit more time at the train station tomorrow before catching the train to the airport. We dropped our bags and headed out the door again as we are booked on a 12:30 tour of the Capuchin Crypts. Our host told us the metro station is around the corner to the right and the right again. It's about 500 metres at the most and we could have caught the metro from the train station instead of walking. It would have been a lot easier. Here we are, always learning.

We discussed whether to buy a 24-hour metro pass at €7 each or just to pay €1.50 each for the number of journeys we take. The kids reckoned it would be better value just to pay as we go because they didn't think we would make enough journeys to make it worthwhile buying the day pass. As it turned out, they were right as we only took two journeys so came out way in front. Good to see them thinking about things and weighing up the value.

We arrived at Piazza Barberini, our meeting point for the tour with plenty of time to spare so, as we hadn't eaten at all, went looking for some lunch. Finished up with two containers of takeaway roast potatoes, one each for Riley and me. Sarah reckoned she didn't want any however once we started eating and offered her some of mine, she was happy to have some.

Our guide Boban (he reckons it's a funny name) arrived a little late and as I'd booked a semi private tour, there was us and a Brazilian couple. Boban was puzzled as the Brazilians don't speak English and were on an English speaking tour. The wife spoke some English so translated for her husband however they would have missed quite a lot of what was said. We toured the museum first and heard the background of the Capuchin order and how widespread it is. We even have a number of their churches in Australia. It was then into the crypts which are macabrely beautiful. Of the six crypts, four a totally decorated with the bones of dead priests. They look so beautiful until you look closely and see all the decorations are bones. The bones of 3700 priests were used to decorate the crypts. Kind of makes you feel a bit funny. The six crypts deal with life from birth to maturity to death and the resurrection. Interesting.

It was then time to hit the streets and do some shopping. Stopped for a gelato in the way...we all had one and RIley was happy once again. Shopping done, we did a detour to the Pantheon as I wanted to kids to see it. Last time I was there, we were among the few visitors in the building. This time there were people in the hundreds so the kids didn't get a real feeling about the building which is a shame. I suggested we get up early in the morning and visit the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon before the crowds hit the streets however no one is too interested in the idea. GPS Sarah took us off to the Spagna metro station and it was time for home.

My phone died as we came up to the street at Manzoni, our metro station so no GPS to get home. After one false start, we were on the right track.

We had a bit of a rest and then went to dinner at one of the restaurants suggested by our hosts. We had a lovely dinner, with lots of laughter and remember when's! It was a good way to finish up our last evening in Rome and the wonderful trip we've had. We stopped off at the supermarket on the way home to find a gift for Rolly and then home and a cup of tea before bed. Yay, we have a kettle again....a communal one however it's better than no kettle. The hotels we've stayed in don't have kettles. The apartments do so we've enjoyed copious cups of tea. I brought a pile of tea bags from home and needed to buy more here as all 3 of us have been drinking tea.

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