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Marker of the Way of the Cross

An interesting use of some logs

Clementines, developed in Corsica as a cross between an orang and mandarin...

Standing stones at Filitosa

Weathered basalt.

Leaving Bonifacio we travelled inland. Houses now are stone and no longer the pretty Mediterranean pastels, but they have their own charm. Corsica is a region of France, not what all people want and there is still a strong element seeing Corsican identity as the most important.

Corsica is divided by a mountains range from the North West to the South East with granite in the more northerly and limestone in the South as we saw yesterday when the ferry brought us in to the white cliffs.

Our first stop was at the village of Sartene where we visited the church. Each Good Friday one person is chosen to wear the chains and carry the cross. There is a waiting list of about 15 years to gain this honour and the person chosen must make a retreat for a week before. The person is then hooded and dressed in red and does have one assistant also hooded but dressed in white. Around the streets of the town are markers in th empathy for the Way of the Cross.

Next stop Filitosa's 4000 year old life- size ( or larger) stone warriors.

On to Ajaccio the capital city of Corsica where we visited the Palais Fiesch Musee des Beaux Arts where a very knowledgeable guide took us around the collection of early medieval art and renaissance art. Cardinal Fesch was the cardinal who was to have crowned Napoleon who took the crown and crowned himself.

And Ajaccio has a strong connection with Napoleon as he was born here and we passed his home as we walked to our hotel which overlooks the citadel which is right on the harbour.

There are two large cruise ships in the harbour but we had no problem finding a spot for dinner and six of us ate and drank together although I did upset the bar lady by asking for a particular wine which I'd not been able to try In Sardinia. Was swiftly told that it was a Sardinian wine. Apparently only French or Corsican wine here!

I'll try for a Corsican specialty tomorrow night.

Have not loaded any photos as the WiFi is very slow and a bit problematic.

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