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Stern's Wharf

Giant Fig Tree

Ocean View From Clock Tower


Arrived at the visitor’s center in downtown Santa Barbara around 10. Traffic was once again a challenge. Missed the 10 o’clock trolley by a few minutes but bought a ticket for the 11 o’clock departure. Had some time to kill so walked the couple blocks down to State Street where Stern’s Wharf goes out over the water and took a quick walk out onto it. Back by 10:45 so was one of the first on the trolley. Tour was an hour and 45 minutes and a very reasonable $22 which got you 2 days if you wanted. After the tour I took a more leisurely stroll on Stern’s Wharf and had lunch at Moby Dick’s. Then I checked out a couple of the places we had seen on the tour. There was this huge fig tree near the railroad station which was only a couple of blocks off of State Street (their Main Street) so I walked over there to take a couple of pictures. Then walked west (their shoreline runs east and west here) a few blocks and south back to the waterfront. Then I walked along the water front back to State, where I caught the mini shuttle bus that runs back and forth on State, up far enough to walk a block over to Anacapa to where the county courthouse is located. This is unlike any government building I’ve ever seen. It is a Spanish architecture design w/ a large lawn in the back people use like a park. There is a clock tower w/ an observation deck 4 stories up that is open to the public. It looks more like the personal residence of a wealthy individual than a courthouse. Very nice.

Caught the shuttle back to Sterns Wharf and headed back to the hotel. Traffic heavy again so by the time I stopped at Panera to grab something to take along, it was pushing 7 by the time got back to the hotel.

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