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Statue of Our Lady of Mercy on the supports on which it...

Gateway into the Medieval section of the city

Bronze Age . Figure of a warrior with four arms

Stamp for bread to identify owner when bread was cooked in a...

Grinning mask to scare away intruders.6th-4th C B.C.

Statue from Mont'e Prama

Cagliari, the capital city of Sardinia was our focus today and also the focus of two large cruise ships in the harbour so some sites were very crowded.

Cagliari is built on seven hills and our first stop was to view the city from a height looking one way to the city buildings, the other way toward the lagoon which used to be used for salt harvesting but is now a haven for water birds.

The Archaeological Museum is in a relatively new complex of museums including one of the art of Siam (Thailand) and a museum of wax anatomical models dating from the 1800's. The Archaeological Museum was the best we've seen with excellent presentation and explanations in both Italian and English. Once again I can only marvel at the skill of these B. C. Civilisations which produced not only goods for everyday living and weapons but jewellery and exquisite small sculptures. In contrast an exhibition of large statues found relatively recently, 1974,in Mont'e Prama are yet to be fully explained. Perhaps we will learn more as we go along.This Museum could happily be visited for a much greater time than the two hours we spent there

It was at the Cathedral that we met great crowds, obviously groups from the cruise ships, and the church was noisy, and crowded with many people,taking photos and selfies so despite it's grandeur the atmosphere was certainly not reverent!

We lost the big crowd as we walked down through the winding streets of the medieval quarter to the main shopping area where we had lunch in a small cafe, seemingly carved from the rock with old utensils, weavings and photographs decorating the walls.

Our free time in the city was marred by rain but we climbed back on our bus and our obliging driver took us to the 12 k of beach outside the city where some had thought about swimming. Some areas of this beach had the umbrellas of private beaches but there seemed to be plenty of public space. The road runs along the beach but on the other side of the road is the lagoon we had seen earlier and this time our driver slowed down for us to see the flamingoes and other bird life.

Time for a rest at our hotel and prepare for eight o'clock dinner, wondering what surprises might be in store tonight..

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