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Trevi Fountain

Spanish Steps

On the bus

Sunset over the Tiber

Riley trying to scale the river wall

Hop On, Hop Off bus tour today. As we planned to stay into the evening to see Rome by night, we had a lazy morning and were too late to catch any of the shuttles to the train station. My plan was to catch the bus to the train station, Sarah's was to catch an Uber. As she was willing to pay, we caught an Uber.

We left the train at Termini, and popped into the TIM kiosk to see how we could monitor the data on our SIM cards. Got that sorted and then set out to find the bus. It wasn't too difficult as it leaves from close by the terminal. We were initially directed to the Red Line bus however when we tried to board, were told we should be on the Greenline.

We started off downstairs as there was a lot of people on board however moved upstairs as soon as we could. We did the circuit as far as Stop 7 and decided it was time for lunch. We found a little local restaurant and enjoyed some delicious pasta before setting off to find the Trevi Fountain. The two tour guides set Google Maps and off we went. After a few false starts, we, and about 10,000 other people, found it. It was pretty packed and very hot so Riley did the coin throw and cooled off with some splashes of water from the fountain. Sarah reckoned she didn't need to do the coin throw as she'll come back anyway. One more 'must do' ticked off.

It was time for the Spanish Steps so off we went again, with Google Maps leading the way. Found it and climbed up 175 steps (kids kept count) and had a walk through the church at the top before setting off to the bottom again. Checked maps for our way back to Stop 7 and we needed to climb the Spanish Steps again. Found our way back to the stop and only had to wait a few minutes before the next bus came along.

Off we went again with the intention of doing a second circuit, getting off at Stop 6 for our boat cruise in the Tiber. On the way, we had a 15 minute wait at Termini and while there, saw the Italian drivers in action. There was a guy parked next to the bus who wanted to turn left in a turn right lane. He wasn't going to move and the drivers behind him were going mad tooting their horns and getting very annoyed. Don't know what happened as we moved off.

Some time during the day, even though it was 34C, we had a bit of rain which saw the upstairs people scuttle downstairs to keep dry. It wasn't enough to cause a drama.

Arrived at the river cruise departure point as the sun was going down. For a nice change, there weren't too many people on board and we had a pleasant hour cruising on the river. I took a few pretty photos and some that weren't so pretty. There's a lot of graffiti along the river banks and I could imagine Dad muttering and mumbling if he was there. Also, a number of homeless with tents set up under the bridges. I didn't realise there were so many bridges over the Tiber.

We re-boarded the bus about 7:30pm and did the rest of the circuit as night closed in. It was very pretty. We grabbed a quick dinner at, would you believe it, Maccas? We'd decided we were too tired to wait until we returned to the hotel. The search for gelato was unsuccessful again today so Riley as least enjoyed a sundae at Maccas.

Back to Termini and the train home. We planned to catch the shuttle back to the hotel from Tibertina but when we got there, didn't have a clue where we needed to be or how to get to the morning drop off point so called an Uber to get home. The driver took us a very weird route however we finally made it home. Time for bed.

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