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Today started off with another early morning at work in back to back meetings and putting out fires everywhere ;-) To top it all off I have been fighting a cold since last Wednesday and today it finally hit me hard and I could not get my nose to stop running. However, I refuse to allow a cold to keep me from exploring while I'm in another country. After finishing up meetings Aida took Shauna and I out to explore more of Guatemala City. We first stopped to get gas where apparently every gas station has someone who fills your car for you. The guy was very entertained with me taking his picture. Next we stopped at one of the many pharmacies located on the road to get me medicine. The pharmacies are basically shops open to the entire public where you can go in and get pretty much any medicine you need without a Doctors note. The lady asked me my symptoms and what I was looking for and for less than $50 bucks I got much needed antibiotics. It was so crazy that I could literally walk up, share my symptoms, and then they hand me the medicine. We then stopped to do some shopping at the local market. The market was actually in this underground area where the parking is on top. There were so many beautiful items and I enjoyed seeing all the handcrafted purses, clothes, clocks, and much much more. From there we were off to the heart of Guatemala City, Zone 1. Guatemala is actually divided in to 22 Zones each one with it's own streets and avenues to help locating addresses easier as they have a population of over 1 million people. Zone 1 is the Historic Center, it houses the Plaza Mayor or Central Square that contains the main Historic Cathedral and the National Plaza. We stopped to have another amazing meal at a restaurant that used to house an old theatre in it and then we walked over to the Plaza Mayor to check out the beautiful buildings and Cathedral. It was a nice finish to a hectic day and today I really enjoyed seeing the heart of the city and truly felt immersed in the culture. Now I'm back in the hotel enjoying my antibiotics and some TV in Spanish.

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