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My Favorite Bubble Tea

We said adios to the 3 cats at Lisa's condo in Playa del Carmen this morning. Lisa will return from Colombia tonight and they will be reunited.

LindaRose and I are spending our last two nights in Cancun. The ADO bus ride took an hour and as we were walking to Hotel Plaza Caribe, LindaRose was pickpocketed. We spent an hour reporting the theft to her credit card companies and then went in search of something to eat. Cancun can be pretty dead on a Sunday.

We opted to take the ferry to Isla Mujeres. We stopped at my old haunts Rolandi's, JAX, Sergio's, Buho's, and Tarzan Beach Bar. I know these places because I used to attend the Regatta Del Sol Al Sol here every year. It was another very hot day and we finally found happy hour offered at Tarzan's. Then it was back to the city of Cancun for the night.

Parque de Las Palapas was our choice for dinner, walking distance from the hotel. Food trucks set up for the evening and there's also a food court. We located the $1 margaritas restaurant and I showed LindaRose the best street dessert in town: marquesitas.

Hotel Plaza Caribe

Avenidas Uxmal y Tulum across from ADO terminal


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